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In this Masterclass I will cover:

5 Key Points to help you manage your rentals with confidence using proven systems so you can:

  • Create Maximum Cash Flow
  • Take Charge Of Your Financial Freedom
  • Gain The Right Mindset Of A Confident Woman Landlord

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About the Course Teacher

Meet Mary Jo, Property Owner, Entrepreneur & Coach

I manage over 100 rental properties and manage 50 rental renovations every year. But I didn’t start out that way…

When I was in my early 20s, I was married, raising a family, and my husband didn’t make much money, so I was looking for ways to make more money to help with expenses.

So, I helped renovate the basement in our house into an apartment to rent it out. Which basically meant that I was downstairs knocking down walls and installing kitchen cabinets myself.

After 2 months of dusty, hard work, we finished renovating the basement. We rented that space out to a friend, and that rent helped pay our mortgage.

Empowering Women Landlords to Maximize Cash Flow on Your Rental Properties

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The Confident Woman Landlord

4 Secrets: How Women Can Crush Landlording

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  • Why you NEVER want to take a check from Tenants (page 6)
  • How to make money when you first buy a property (page 11)
  • The critical law you MUST UNDERSTAND before accepting your first payment from a tenant (page 14)
  • And much much more....

What Others Say


I've been a landlord for several years, and Mary Jo, Lucrative Landlording, has been my go-to person to ask questions and seek advice whenever I run into any issues with my rentals and/or tenants. She has a deep knowledge of managing rentals, dealing with any issues, and solving any landlord problems. Her work ethic, how she communicates with people, and how she takes care of things are top-notch.


 /Landlady Baltimore Maryland


In your real estate journey, you will meet a lot of real estate “professionals” who seem like they know what they’re doing—until you do business with them. I’ve been working with Mary Jo, Lucrative Landlording for four years, and she is the real deal! She is a long- standing veteran of the real estate business and of Baltimore. She is passionate about coaching and has been a true asset to my team. The best part is she makes me money! You couldn’t ask for a better landlording coach!

Jenny Sweeney

/ Blue Spring Properties Baltimore 


Mary Jo, Lucrative Landlording, is one of the most knowledgeable landlords I know. Anytime I am dealing with difficult property management or tenant placement issues, I give her a call. She is always quick to answer and give me great information. For example, I had a non-paying tenant and her advice helped me get my renter on a payment plan. Now, they are one of my best renters. I highly recommend her as a landlord coach!

Dylan Miller

/ Landlord Baltimore Maryland