The Importance of Clearing Clutter

Clutter. It’s like a bad relationship. You know you should break up with it, but you can’t seem to let go. And the longer you stay together, the messier things get. Before you know it, your house is engulfed in clutter, and you can’t find anything. Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to break up with your clutter once and for all!

🔑Have You Picked Your WORD OF THE YEAR?💫

Last December, the word Forward came to me, and in that instant, I knew it would be my word for the year of 2022. It’s a word that always makes me feel like I am in motion. Forward motion. We can’t look back if we are looking………. Forward.

Balancing Grief with Gratitude

My Mother often told me that I came into this world as a special blessing the year I was born. She said that I brought her and my grandmother joy in what was ironically a very difficult time for both of them that year.