6 Key Benefits of a Buy & Hold Rental Portfolio

One thing that I know for sure is that there will always be renters. This means there will always be a need for rental properties, and this puts landlords at an advantage. The other thing that I know for sure is that a buy and hold portfolio will increase in value over time. Investing in real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding investment.

Starting Your Buy & Hold Business Using The Power of Momentum

If you are a woman building a rental portfolio, it may seem like an impossible task when you are starting from scratch or ready to go to the next level. However, now is the time for all women to defy those odds and gain momentum in real estate investing.

Checklist for a Successful Landlord Journey

Owning rental properties can be both a lucrative and rewarding experience but starting on the right foot and having the know-how to handle tenant relationships is key. It is imperative that you have the proper knowledge if you want to build a good foundation from the beginning and avoid significant problems down the road.

🔑Have You Picked Your WORD OF THE YEAR?💫

Last December, the word Forward came to me, and in that instant, I knew it would be my word for the year of 2022. It’s a word that always makes me feel like I am in motion. Forward motion. We can’t look back if we are looking………. Forward.

<strong>Do You Give Your Tenants Gifts For The Holidays?</strong>

It’s a nice gesture to treat your good tenants with a small gift during the holiday season. Before you object and say, “Tenants are not my friends,” I agree with that statement, and you don’t want to get too friendly; however, my motto has always been “Friendly but Firm.”