5 Ways to Detect Phony Landlord References🤥🏘️

Why would your applicant lie about their rental history? Don’t Worry… There is a way to protect your investment and find your perfectly qualified, trustworthy dream tenant.🙋🏻‍♀️🏠It starts with wonderful, glorious SCREENING PROCEDURES!✨So how can you strengthen your 💪🏻screening procedures when it comes to your applicant’s rental history?🏘️

Reasons to Deny a Rental Application

As a woman landlord, you are always searching for your ideal tenants. Choosing the right tenant can be one of life’s roulette spins – and you want to avoid landing on a bad bet. So, more roll of the dice when picking tenants for your property. As much as it sounds cliché – knowledge is power when managing a rental property.

Checklist for a Successful Landlord Journey

Owning rental properties can be both a lucrative and rewarding experience but starting on the right foot and having the know-how to handle tenant relationships is key. It is imperative that you have the proper knowledge if you want to build a good foundation from the beginning and avoid significant problems down the road.