5 Keys to

Cash Flow

Advanced Coaching Program for Women Landlords

 Become a Confident Woman Landlord,

 Secure Your Financial Future,

 And keep all your marbles!

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  • Do you ever lose sleep worrying about whether or not your tenants will pay their rent on time?
  • Does managing your properties feel like a super-stressful full-time job?
  • Did you buy your first rental property and now you are confused about how to manage it?
  • Do you want more free time so you can look for your next rental property?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I want to invite you to apply to my coaching program,   “5 Keys to Maximum Cash Flow: Coaching Program for Women Landlords”

In this 12-Week Coaching Program you will learn everything you need to know to manage your rentals with practical systems to simplify and automate your buy-and-hold rental business.

Hi, I’m Mary Jo Whelan, and I have been a real estate investor and landlord for 20 years. I own and run a full-service property management and renovation company in Baltimore.

I started out with no money, no college education, and no job. From these humble beginnings I have grown my company to managing over 100 rental properties and managing over 50 rental renovations a year.

I co-facilitate a monthly landlording strategy meeting for a local real estate investor association and I am the past president of my local chapter of NAPRM, National Association of Residential Property Managers.

I am also the founder of Lucrative Landlording for Women, an exclusive community for success-driven women landlords.

Lucrative Landlording provides an elite coaching program, in addition to workshops, masterclasses, and networking events designed to help women landlords maximize their cash flow, reduce expenses, and keep high-quality renters.  

I am passionate about helping women landlords manage your properties like a pro so you can have peace of mind with less stress and a secure financial future.

Spots are limited for this 12-week coaching program, click below to apply now so you can take your business to the next level.

I look forward to meeting you!

This time 90-days from now, there are 3 basic paths your business will follow:

1. Your rental business will stay about the same. 

2. Things can get worse.

3. Your business and life can get better and better.

I put together the 5 Keys to Maximum Cash Flow Coaching Program, for women who want: 

  • a future that is stress-free
  • with peace of mind and 
  • to become financially secure

And I want to help YOU get your business and life on the right path to being better and better each day!

I Will Show You How To Manage Your Rental Properties Like a Pro!

In this program you will learn:

  • The easy way to calculate cash flow
  • Cash flow vs. Appreciation (You should understand the difference and why you may want both)
  • How and attract and keep ideal long-term tenants
  • How to streamline your screening process (Applicant Screening Criteria template included)
  • How to minimize repair costs so you can maximize your cash flow
  • How to keep a monthly profit and loss statement (excel spreadsheet template included)
  • The rock-solid rental agreement (This alone is a $2,000 value)
  • How to analyze your net worth (excel spreadsheet template included)
  • And much much more…

I believe in rewarding women who take fast action. 

For enrolling in my 12 week coaching program today and investing in yourself l am giving you these Six Free Gifts to help you along the way to building your stress-free rental portfolio.

Please enjoy these bonuses listed below:


6 Key benefits of a Buy & Hold Rental Portfolio e-Book - We all know that residual income is a big benefit of buy-and-hole. In this 8 page e-Book you will learn other great benefits to that may surprise you. ($60.00 value)


Over 50 Ways For Finding Motivated Sellers - You may be surprised to learn that you are not looking for properties you are actually looking for motivated sellers. In this report you will learn how the pros do it. (Pricless)


The Importance of Clearing Clutter - Find out why clutter is like a bad relationship and how clearing your clutter (this includes piles of paper) can give you more mental clarity. ($40.00 value)


Private Facebook Group - A place where you can ask questions, get answers. Share with other women landlords and learn from their shares. A community of like minded woman - be motivated and inspired.


Free Access to our workshop, How to Create Your Ideal Tenant Avatar - In this 90 minute interactive workshop you will learn in detail how to:

  • Find your ideal tenant
  • Weed out the wrong applicants
  • Create your personal screening criteria

One-on-One Strategy Session with Mary Jo - Lets take one hour to review where you are now and where you want to go. ($500 value)

Join Mary Jo in the 12-week coaching program and find out how her 5 Keys to Maximum Cash Flow will help you build a stress-free rental business and bring you closer to financial freedom.