Are your tenants driving you crazy? 

Want to know how I choose qualified long term tenants...?

Creating Your Ideal 

Tenant Avatar

Confident Woman Landlord Workshop 

I will share the two most important tools you need to attract qualified long term renters! 

Are you buying your first or next rental property?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to place qualified tenants into your rentals and increase your monthly cash flow?

Did you buy an occupied rental and found out that the tenants were not paying their rent and now what do you do?

Are you worried that you will choose bad tenants for your rental property, and you will lose your hard-earned money?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I want to invite you to join my workshop, “Creating Your Ideal Tenant Avatar: The Confident Women Landlord Workshop”.

You can’t get to the finish line if you don’t know where and how to start.

Sign up now for my interactive 90 minute workshop to learn the first important steps you need to take before you choose your tenants.

Yes, I want to Create my own Tenant Avatar and CRITICAL Applicant SCREENING Criteria

You can become a Lucrative Landlord and build a successful cash flowing machine and keep your sanity!

I want to help you with the most important part of getting started - Finding and qualifying your ideal tenant.

You can streamline this process by following these two most critical steps with every applicant.

Step 1 

Know your ideal tenant and how to find them.  You will learn why this step will help you become crystal clear on the tenant you want. This tool will help you weed out the wrong applicants. 

Step 2

Have written applicant screening criteria to help keep emotions out of your decision. This is one of the essential tools in your toolbox for you to use when you are screening applicants. 

In this workshop I will share word for word my Ideal Tenant Avatar and my Applicant Screening Criteria. I will guide you through the process to create your very own tenant avatar and applicant criteria.

Without these two most important tools, you are almost guaranteed to place the wrong tenant into your rental.

A vacant unit is much better than one occupied by a bad tenant who is not paying rent and destroying your property.

Are you dreaming of Financial Freedom?

Just imagine yourself with a maximum cash flowing rental portfolio:

  • Your portfolio is automated,
  • You have a great landlord tenant relationship,
  • Your tenants are paying their rent on time,
  • And you have a maximum cash flowing rental business!

You can have the freedom to travel because your office is on your phone or laptop and you can manage your properties from anywhere.

You can afford to give your family the lifestyle that they can enjoy, and you will be building generational wealth for their future. 

All of this and more can happen when you build a successful maximum cash flowing rental machine and not lose all your marbles while doing so.


Bonus #1

Your Personal Notebook - take your notes during class and keep those notes handy and organized for the interactive part of the masterclass.


Bonus #2

A Companion Workbook - to help you develop your own tenant avatar and your personalized applicant criteria.


Bonus #3

Your Ideal Tenant Affirmation - (this is something I wrote 15 years ago and it has helped me more than I can explain, and I am sharing it with you!)


Bonus #4

Rent Ready Checklist - A checklist of items that are critical to do before you begin to show your property.  This one report alone can help save you time, energy and money!


Bonus #5

10 Key Points on How to Elevate Your Confidence - Find out why confidence is the ultimate armor and how you can increase your level of confidence wherever you are on your journey. 

Join Mary Jo as she guides you in the Creating Your Ideal Tenant Avatar Workshop and start attracting your Ideal Long Term Tenants!